Losses its License to Operate in London

Uber Losses its License to Operate in London

This time, London-based transport regulator in the United Kingdom has rejected the application of the valtrex Uber Company to renew the license for operating in the city. TFL stated that the Uber is unfit and improper to get a privately hired operator license.

The main objective of the TFL regulation for various privately hire traders and taxis in London is to make sure about the safety of each passenger. Privately hired operators should essentially meet the necessary regulations and demonstrate to the regulator groups that they compulsory do it to operate in the city. On the other side, TFL should receive satisfaction that a particular operator fits perfectly and deserves to get an operating license.

TFL regulator further said that the approach of Uber Group and the way, in which it conducts a demonstration process lacks corporate responsibility related to a large number of problems containing potential public level safety and security-based implications. Based on broad classifications, the issues highlighted are-

  • Approaches related to reporting of various severe criminal offenses
  • Approaches related to the ways, in which they get medical certificates
  • Approaches related to the ways of obtaining enhanced disclosure and barring solution checks, which further has relationships with carrying out the necessary background checks to make sure that workers do not possess any criminal record.
  • Approach to explain about the application of Greyball in London, where Greyball refers to a software program used primarily to block various regulatory bodies to gain complete access to the application and thereby, prevent officers to undertake any law enforcement or regulatory duties.

Current operating license of the Uber Company to deliver its services in different areas of London will duely expire on 30th of September. In this situation, the company claims that it has about 3.5 millions of users in London and approximately 40,000 drivers operate on the respective platform. Despite, its license was expired in the month of May, but TFL exceeded it for 4 months i.e. to up to the month of September.

However, LTDA i.e. the London Licensed Taxi Drivers Association pressed the TFL Group to reject a complete renewal of the Uber Company’s operating license based on its argument that the model of Uber Group involves risks related to the safety of public and points to increase in numbers of private hire cars/vehicles in the city to contribute to both pollution and congestion problems. Hence, LTDA also welcomed and supported the decision of TFL.

According to the statement given by the LTDA’s general secretary named Steve McNamara, “The city’s Mayor has come up with the right step related to non-renewal the operating license of Uber. Since its first step in the streets of London, Uber violated the law, refused to bear responsibility to make sure about the safety of passengers, exploited the driver members and many more. Based on this, we would say that Uber will continue to embark this and hence, we will also urge to the London law court to uphold with this decision.”


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