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Things You Need to Know When Moving To the UK

11 Things You Need to Know When Moving To the UK

If you are thinking of moving to the UK, you must have started the research process by now. This valium online list may include schools, neighbourhoods or other amenities. But not all information is easily available that may be of use to you.

One such big event is Brexit. The Brexit vote has shocked people across Europe and not many people believed that the UK will be able to make the momentous decision but that has happened.

This big event will have consequences for everyone. So here are things you should know before moving to the UK after the Brexit era:

  1. For the next two years, not many changes will be witnessed in the arrangements regarding visitors in the UK. If you have plans to move to the UK on a temporary basis like studying or for a job or internship then you have nothing to be worried about.
  2. From now on the political and economic field will experience considerable turbulence. There are views that UK citizens are not very welcoming towards visitors from Europe or other countries.
    The attitude for non-British people will be comparatively mild when juxtaposed with abuse suffered by some migrants across Europe. This factor should be kept into consideration when moving to the UK with the family.
  3. After Brexit has been fully applied, a quota system will be executed to screen entrants based on the contribution towards British society.
    You will be lucky if you possess skills that are lacking in UK workers. Some of these fields are medicine, technical, teaching and others. With such skills, you will be welcomed irrespective of your country of origin.
  4. There may be instability in the British pound over the upcoming few years. The uncertainty of the market will be the core reason as investors won’t show much interest in investing in unpredictable directions.
    It’s a smart decision to keep your savings in some other banks that are outside the UK.
  5. The factors that determine entry into the UK will become stricter with Brexit coming into effect. Just like having a European Union passport won’t work.
    People will need to improve their English skills as language requirements will soon become criteria for entry.
  6. You may witness new rules and regulations that will differ from country to country. This means that people will have to find out the conditions put by the UK Government for any particular area where they want to move.
    This is especially crucial for areas like health care and insurance. You should be familiar with these guidances before you leave your country.
  7. The most impacted place would be the business activities that take place between the UK and other countries. If you are into the business of import and export, get ready for new rules, paperwork related to sales tax, traffic, customs, etc.
  8. The good thing is that there can be opportunities for new business due to the contract between British and foreign partners. This is an opportunity for people to move to the UK as new contracts will be signed up between international firms soon. This will create a guaranteed salary, healthcare, and pension.
  9. Your family relationship will also play a vital role in the new legislation. If you are wanting to move to the UK because of family purpose, you should collect your marriage, birth and residency documents to make justification for your entry in the UK.
  10. There is a great upheaval about how Brexit will impact the total scenario. Till the time nothing is confirmed, it would be a smart idea to have a plan B in case your plan of moving to the UK gets failed or delayed.
    There are people who are considering moving to different destinations like Canada or any other European countries in place of the UK.
    Some of the great alternatives are Netherland and Scandinavian countries. Some other people are delaying their plans while others are going to the UK but are renting their homes rather than buying it.
  11. There may be some changes regarding the property certificates in the UK. Be sure to ask the property certificate provider like London Property Certificates for any changes in the rules and regulations.

Here’s an additional tip regarding the social and cultural life in the UK

The UK consists of four individual countries- Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales. This region is identified more with regional culture.

Yet there is no specific custom or rules that are followed in the regions. People are multicultural and relaxed mostly in larger cities.

Even though the weather is not what you want it to be every day but there are plenty of beautiful places to visit, especially festivals in the UK.

The safer thing right now is to wait and see how Brexit impacts the surroundings in the UK. Hopefully, you are a bit familiar with the quirks of British culture.

In case you are all set with your plan, we recommend that you keep these tips and implications in your head for years ahead and then plan accordingly.

And don’t forget to watch football, try samples of real British food and learn to make tea to make your move smooth.


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