Photogenic Flower Shops in London

Most Photogenic Flower Shops in London

If you are looking for a place to buy flowers in London, you’ve come to the right place. The city is filled with beautiful flower shops and various places to get your flowers.

This blog will help you decide which flower shop is the best for you based on your needs. Let’s look at some of the most photogenic flower shops in London!

Bask in the Beauty of These Photogenic Flower Shops in London

That Flower Shop

That Flower Shop

That Flower Shop is based in the heart of London. It’s tucked away in one of the oldest and prettiest parts of London. The shop is filled with a beautiful array of flowers and foliage, hand-picked by some of the best growers in Europe.

The shop focuses on creating contemporary bouquets and flower arrangements for private and corporate clients in London. They create unique and beautiful arrangements that are guaranteed to impress your friends and family.

The florists are passionate about their work and have been interviewed by publications for their exquisite taste and huge clientele. This place is perfect for taking pictures!



McQueen’s is a unique shop, as it has a historic quality — once inside, you’ll find that it’s much bigger than it looks from the outside. The space is filled with flowers, plants, and pretty pottery and vases.

The interior is decorated with lots of vintage furniture and soft pink walls. The displays are always arranged beautifully and you can see the florist at work because there’s a glass window into the area at the back. They have a beautiful range of flowers — some local and some indigenous to adorn bouquets and vases.

 If you’re looking for a unique floral experience, you should check out McQueens – they often create bespoke installations for weddings, parties, launches, and events around London.

Wild Things

Wild Things

Wild Things sells gorgeous dried and silk flowers as well as flower arranging tools and vases. Purple, green, white, orange and yellow is the main colors of their exquisite arrangements that can be used for home decorating or as a gift. They also sell wreaths made of dried flowers, roses, and colorful grasses.

Their floral displays are always unique and beautiful – perfect for any occasion! All their flowers are seasonal, sourced from British growers and local flower farms where possible. Their shop is located in Mayfair.

Scarlet & Violet

Scarlet & Violet’s beautiful shop sells a wide variety of delightful fresh flowers. They have cut flowers, pots, and pansies and stock a huge range of unusual plants l that would make an ideal gift for any occasion. Their charming shop has a lovely homely atmosphere with rustic furnishings that makes one feel at ease at once.

The team is experts at creating bouquets and arrangements for every occasion — from birthdays to weddings. Each bouquet is crafted from fresh flowers by hand, so no two arrangements are ever the same.

The London Flower Shop

The London Flower Shop

This is the most lovely, original, and beautifully photographed floral shop in London with a really nice and has a great selection of flowers. It’s perfect for any occasion and a place to go if you want to learn how to make arrangements, especially for taking beautiful photoshoots.

It’s a small but charming shop that sells beautiful flowers, plants, and gifts. You can buy flowers or seasonal bouquets there and they will deliver them.


London is a beautiful city with many tourist attractions and it is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The city is well known for its excellent shopping centers and it attracts many people from all over the world. And of the things London is known for is its scenic beauty, even on the side of the busiest of streets, because of its lovely shops and stalls — like the above list of flower shops.

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