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luxury cars are used for chauffeuring in London?

Which luxury cars are used for chauffeuring in London?

London is one of the most famous places in the world. Being the capital of the UK and also the largest city of the country, London is home to more than 8,825, 000 people as per the reports of Office for National Statistics, 2017.

Thousands of people travel within the city every day. Some travel to their offices from their homes. Some travel to the airport to their respective places or vice versa. A majority of people opt for private car hire with driver in London. Being a populated city, there is a great problem with traffic and in such a situation, people prefer car hire services.

When it comes to hiring chauffeur driven cars, there are not many options available which offer reliable luxury chauffeuring services in London at affordable prices. People who are businessmen, celebrities, government personnel, diplomats etc. prefer luxury chauffeur service so that they can travel with complete comfort and peace of mind. Depending on the choice and requirement, luxury cars be hired. For a single person, a hatchback car is comfortable enough. For larger parties, there are SUV luxury vehicles.

Whether you need a transfer from London airport to other parts of the city, or you need wedding chauffeur, business chauffeur, executive chauffeur etc. there are companies offering a high level of service. From business meetings to sightseeing tours, there are many companies who offer luxury chauffeur services in London.

Business travel is one of such activities where the top class business executives hire luxury cars. Executive car is generally hired for business purposes. Whether it is about attending a business meeting or going to attend any financial roadshows, luxury chauffeur hire service is the first choice of these VIP people. Luxury chauffeuring service offered by a number of companies however it is really impossible to know which of the companies offers reliable service with high standards.

There are several cars which are used as luxury car hire with chauffeur service in London. Let us check these cars out one by one in the list given here.

Top Ten Cars Used for Chauffeuring in London

Luxury cars aren’t just limited to high-end technologies and facilities but they are also famous for offering high levels of service, comfort, and prestige. Such cars offer outstanding luxury. There are several models available such as SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, etc. Silky smooth ride, highly durable, next-level comfort, and unmatched performance, this list of features offered by luxury cars just don’t stop here.

The list below ranks the top ten cars which offer great performance and are a great comfort for driving and to be driven.

1. Mercedes – Benz – S Class

S – Class is perhaps one of the best luxury cars Mercedes has given to this world. It not only looks appealing when you drive it but also gives you a sense of accomplishment. The car does everything whatever you expect. A long-wheelbase saloon, this car has torsional rigidity which is totally unprecedented. The standard air suspension does an amazing job with adaptive dampers. Engineered to perform with complete comfort and infused with state of the art technology, this car is the best vehicle to be used for luxury chauffeuring in London.

2. BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo

A powerful hatchback car, BMW GT comes with five doors. Designed to impress with its stunning looks and mesmerizing appearance, this car offers good space for four. Packed with a 296bhp diesel engine supplies enough energy to make it fly on the roads. The six cylinders rev will thrill you by giving Goosebumps. The car may not compete with Ashton Martin but is a perfect pick as a luxury vehicle.

3. Audi E – Tron Quattro

If there is a luxury car, that could grab your attention with its design in the very first sight, that is Audi E – Tron Quattro. Audi’s first zero-emission car, E – Tron Quattro is an electric car which is known for its luxuriousness and performance. The desirability of Audi makes this SUV stand apart from others in the same segment. The way it has been engineered, shaped and designed, is out of normal imagination. The luxury car comes with a rapid charging system with the potential for 150kW and runs up to 250 miles on a single charge.

4. Audi A 8

Next in the list is yet another car by the same manufacturer, Audi. A8 is packed with a series of advanced features, an ultra-modern chassis, in car technology, powertrain etc. Known for its autonomous driving capability, this car is perhaps the best in this segment in the entire world. Packed with a high-performance turbocharged engine, the car comes in two segments one is a 335bhp petrol engine and the other is a 282bhp diesel engine. The interior is the smoothest and the finest you will ever get to see. Easy to drive, this car makes a perfect vehicle for being used as luxury chauffeur in London for VIPs.

5. BMW X7

If there is a car which BMW has produced for reshaping the luxury car line, this model competes no less. This vehicle was launched with limited off the road activities. This 7 seater, this giant vehicle comes with the turbo petrol and turbo diesel engine in the UK, generating power of 394bhp. Its athletic looks make it stand apart on the road. The interior is designed by keeping attention to detail which are needed to make it a luxury vehicle. The car is a complete luxury package.

6. Range Rover

A world – known name in the field of luxury can manufacturing, Range Rover needs no introduction. The name itself is a definition of luxury. A perfect combination of luxury, quality and performance, Range Rover provides excellent performance. Bulky and heavy in looks, this car serves the best for what it has been produced – to redefine the concept of luxury. The moment you sit in the car, you will feel a sense of being special and unique. The interior has enough space, seats are excellent. That’s what this car promises. There is a lot which makes this car perfect for chauffeuring in London.

7. Tesla Model S

Tesla revolutionized the world with its luxury electric cars. The Model S is known for its pace, credibility, luxury, high performance and elegance which can only be felt when you drive it. When you drive it, you will find how effortlessly this car can be driven. The performance is stunning and offers unparalleled driving experience. Smooth and excellent comfort, perhaps the car was designed to give a new concept of luxury cars. No doubt, if you are looking for a luxury car for chauffeuring, this car offers amazing features which you may be looking for.

8. Jaguar XJ

One of the classiest luxury car manufacturers this world has ever seen is Jaguar. From the saloon range of 1968 to the present, this company has always produced a machine that astonished the world. The chassis with excellent design gives it a sporty look. Its interior gives great competition to its other rivals and seems unmatched. A decent performance, excellent luxuriousness, an interior that will make you feel on top of the world, and smooth drive, there is a lot which this car has to offer to you. Pick this one for chauffeuring and it will never disappoint you.

9. BMW 7 Series

7 Series has been ruling the luxury car market ever since it was launched way back in 1977. The latest model has significantly created a buzz among its rivals and has broken several barriers. The model comes with air suspension and is packed with infotainment materials along with two wheelbase lengths & rear or 4 – wheel drive. The car gives you a sense of lavishness and comforts the moment you get in. The engine is powerful yet quiet and creates very less sound. This car is perfect to drive and offers you great performance in every sense.

10. Lexus LS

How can this name be forgotten in the list of top luxury cars? The latest version of this car in the saloon table has stunned everyone. Not just by performance but by its looks and luxury features as well. Stylish packed with all modern and luxury amenities which are needed in a perfect luxury car, LS represents a unique way of driving. With specs that are ultra modern and the richness in terms of looks and design, make it a perfect choice for everyone whoever loves luxury cars. Consider picking up this car and enjoy the luxury on wheels.

There are more luxury chauffeur driven cars in the market which are hired for both personal events and corporate events. The Rolls Royce Phantom, Range Rovers, Maybachs, Bentleys etc. but these above-mentioned cars are always on the list of most luxurious cars to be used for chauffeuring. These vehicles are generally preferred for business chauffeur services in London.

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