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Best Georgian Restaurants: What To Order

London’s Best Georgian Restaurants: What To Order

If you are a food lover, Georgia is one of the best places for you to visit to satisfy your hunger cravings. Georgia has top-quality cuisines to feast on, but many food-lovers are not aware of these fine dishes.

You can find Georgian food in many London restaurants, but they may lack the authentic flavors from the ex-soviet state. With the passing eras and countries, Georgian food has undergone many savory changes. Still, we’ve found some restaurants that allow you to taste a whole new version of Georgian food without compromising its original flavors. GB Chauffeurs are at your service to take you around and make you taste this yummy food.

If you are planning on visiting Georgia but want a list of the finest Georgian cuisines, continue reading to get the best ‘supra’ dishes. Georgian restaurants are known for their friendly hospitality and feasts called ‘supras’ that last for hours. You can also get a glimpse of the traditional polyphonic singing if the stars are in your favor. 

Here is the list of the best Georgian cuisines and Georgian restaurants to save your time in your journey planning process:



The first Georgian cuisine on the top of our list is khachapuri. Khacha means freshly made cheese, and puri means bread, and together, it means cheesy bread. You can find this delicious dish with many variations in different regions. Some may add eggs on top to give it the perfect finishing touch, or they serve it with a dash of butter.

The most popular style of khachapuri is the Tbilisi style, in which the khachapuri is circular, soft, and has blisters on the top. We assure you that you will love this dish if you are a cheese fanatic.


The first part of a meal is the starters, and pkhali is the best starter to have in the Georgian meals. Pkhali is a traditional dish having balls of chopped and minced vegetables like cabbage or spinach with herbs and walnuts to enhance the flavor. You would not even know that there are vegetables in pkhali even if you are a meat-lover. Trust our words and have some pkhali when you have your Georgian meal.


If you like some spice in your food, Badrijani is perfect for you. It is a heavily spiced cold starter made from fried and cooled aubergine strips that are coated with a smooth walnut paste. We hope you love walnuts as much as we do.


If you want something heavy and with a high satiety value, lobio is ideal for you. It is a kidney bean stew that comes in clay pots. You can find its many variations in different regions but it is popularly served with Mchadi and marinated vegetables. Once you’ve tried the delicious lobio, you will keep craving for more.



Chakapuli is a delicious combination of lamb stew with tarragon and sour cherry plums in the main Georgian cuisine. The cherry plums are unripe and sour, which adds to the blend of flavors of the chakapuli. 


You should know about the delicious and mouth-watering sauces that are a crucial part of Georgian cuisine. One such sauce is the Tkemali. It is made of sour plums and acts as a seasoning for the main course dishes. You can have it in red or green color, whichever you prefer more. It has a light fragrance of dill, coriander, and pennyroyal. It is a common sauce that you can find at small food markets that consists of flavor with a touch of home.


Khinkali are dumplings stuffed with minced lamb, beef, or pork and are flavored with black pepper. They have broth in them, so you should be careful and not burn your mouth while eating them. If you do not know how to handle broth-filled dumplings, suck the broth first and then eat the dumpling. Even if you somehow burn your mouth, the flavors will make it worth it.

Now that you’re well-versed with the traditional, mouth-watering dishes, here are some of the best Georgian restaurants you must try during to trip to London:

  1. Try visiting the Tbilisi Restaurant in London for dinner to enjoy the aesthetic vibes and pleasant atmosphere and savor a homely and delicious dinner.
  1. Another Georgian restaurant in London that caught our eyes was the Little Georgia restaurant. It keeps up to its name and offers the best Georgian cuisines for you to try out.
  1. You can also go to Iberia Restaurant to satisfy your hunger and get top-quality Georgian meals without hurting your pockets.
  1. Georgian Restaurant gives you the best vibes with a cafe look and is known for its hospitality. You can visit this restaurant anytime and get a home away from home atmosphere for your meals.
  1. Miminoo Club Georgian Restaurant is an underground restaurant in London that serves delicious Georgian food with a hint of playful danger. If you want a basement touch to your meals, visit Mimino.

Tick off our list of Georgian cuisines and restaurants, and we promise your stay will be a lot more delectable than before.


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