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a Time of Unprecedented Change, London City Airport Shines Brightly

At a Time of Unprecedented Change, London City Airport Shines Brightly
At a Time of Unprecedented Change, London City Airport Shines Brightly

London City Airport is shining brightly. Not for its stunning architecture or the view from the control tower, although both are impressive; it’s because it’s handling record numbers of passengers and planes, and revenues are at their highest for more than a decade.

Travelers from around the world are drawn to our iconic location, nestled right in the heart of the capital. For many passengers, it’s their first introduction to London – and it is a truly memorable one. But what they also appreciate, more than anything else, is the airport’s positive impact on their experience.

This is why the airport officials and the government has been working hard behind the scenes to enhance what has already made us one of the most successful airports in Europe. From new taxi stands and improved dining options to new airline services and state-of-the-art technology, there’s never been a better time to choose London City Airport for your next business or leisure trip.

How It All Started?

The airport was opened in 1987 by reclaiming portions of the estuary and docks from the Thames and the River Lea. It was intended to be a stopgap solution for small planes, serving business people commuting between London and New York.

But expansion plans had already been drawn up when the September 11 attacks caused air traffic to nosedive across the world. London City Airport was able to adapt more quickly than most, and today it is thriving as a major hub for passengers seeking quick, convenient access to the city’s financial district.

London City Airport – In Its Glory

London City Airport – In Its Glory

For a Londoner, the City Airport offers something different from the Heathrow and Gatwick airports. It is easy to get to for someone living in Central London, as it is only 9 miles away from the city center and can be reached by train quickly.

The airport has one terminal that offers shops, cafes, and restaurants. The best thing about the airport is that there are no long walks or queues involved when traveling.

London City Airport offers non-stop flights to over 36 destinations worldwide, making it very convenient for business and holiday travelers. The airport excels at offering flights within Europe as well as to nearby places such as New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto.

In 2020, 908,105 passengers passed through its gates with 19,069 aircraft movements — and still growing rapidly.

ASQ Winner – 2020

Even during the turbulent times of COVID-19, London City Airport still put its best foot forward and delivered excellent service to all passengers with top sanitary practices and safety protocols.

The result of this growth is that London City Airport was awarded the accolade of ASQ Winner in 2020 by the American Society for Quality (ASQ), reflecting the quality and standards of the airport’s operations and service.

A globally respected symbol of excellence, ASQ is the only airport service quality program referenced in the aviation industry’s main economic indices. This award recognizes airports that continue to deliver high-quality service despite the challenges posed by record passenger numbers and increased pressure on infrastructure.

Final Thoughts

London City Airport is blazing a trail, with record passenger numbers and a year-round schedule of non-stop flights to New York.

The airport’s success is being driven by the changing face of global business and leisure travel and the growth in tourism. The London market has become increasingly important for airlines and this has led to an unprecedented number of new routes being launched from the airport.


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